I successfully migrated my first primary 11.4.3 appliance with the embedded Sybase DBs and cert authority. When I went to do my 2nd 11.4.3 appliance after supplying root and zenadmin passwords it says it doesn't like the netmask. It shows as 26 which is right but it only wants it in the format First appliance is on same network/mask/gateway didn't have this problem. After typing in the mask the way it wanted it starts the network and configures time then comes up to a screen saying 2 disks are required / supplied by the 2017 appliance and /vastorage that was attached from a copy of the 11.4.3 VM and click here to shutdown appliance and add the disk. Behind that window Yast is asking what disk you want to chose but can't close or click behind that pop-up. 2nd disk was added per instructions same as it was for the first primary. I rebooted, same error. I know it sees the 2nd disk because it comes up with the title 11.4.3 to 2017 migration and it does have the old 11.4.3 machine IP address so the only place it would've known to read that was from the /vastorage disk. I even booted off of a SLES12 ISO into rescue mode and mounted both appliance disks just to make sure I could see everything. Noticed the 2017 mounted disk in it's /etc/fstab only had an entry for /dev/sda1 / ext3 acl 1 1 My good migrated VM also had a line for /dev/sdb1 /vastorage ext3 rw 0 0 as well as one for /swapfile. I even tried adding the /dev/sdb1 /vastorage line then disconnecting the SLES12 ISO and restarting but still no go. It seems like the initial bootup is doing some sort of RAM disk and is maybe trying to re-populate fstab on the fly, I don't know. I also tried the migration on my 3rd VM appliance and got the same problems as the 2nd one. Only difference between primary 1 and 2/3 is that 1 has the DBs and cert but no real content. I didn't want it bogged down too much so I only replicated content to 2 and 3. Which of course means I can't just scrap them and add brand new servers to #1. I did check disk space on all servers before shutting down the 11.4.3 appliances all were fine or expanded and rebooted and verified before migrating. Has anyone ever seen this or have any idea how I can get past this and pick up with the migration of the 11.4.3 data?