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Thread: AAF Appliance and clean shutdown when virtualised in Proxmox

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    AAF Appliance and clean shutdown when virtualised in Proxmox

    Hello All,

    As i know the AAF appliance is a closed/locked down machine so in essence its a black box (excluding the console presented and the management offered from the appliance itself)

    The issue i am struggling with is as following :

    - the appliance is running virtualised via KVM-based solution (Proxmox)

    When i issue a shutdown/restart/reset from the console for this appliance it will error out, not adhering the command issued via the host.
    Other machines have an agent installed (qemu-guest-agent) which provides information to the host and as far as they are not locked down appliances (like AAF appliance, or AM appliance for that matter) reset/shutdown is relayed to the OS for a clean/gracefull shutdown or reset.

    Without this i need to manually interact and spawn the console of AAF and select shutdown/reset... is there _any_ way in which i can make the appliance adhere to the reset/shutdown command sent from the KVM host ?

    thankyou in advance for your answers,

    - Michael
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