An agent has been removed from the npam manager because the server was shut down, after a few months the server was turned on again, now in the unifid.log the following errors are shown:

-Error, No service registration record for npam-agent: uIspj9LjTfQu88ell7l78rzsljY = <>
-Info, registry svcRegister client: npam-agent rc: 0 status: 500 (Unauthorized service registration) (1ms)

Obviously the error is derived to the npam service continues running on the server, the possible solutions is to uninstall the agent on the server so that the error in the unifid.log is no longer displayed.

Because the server is not accessible and the server does not require the npam agent, is there a method for the error messages shown in the unifid.log to no longer be displayed? because it is no longer in the hosts section of the console.

I appreciate the support. Greetings.