Managing a moderate size school district, ~ 10 000 devices, we see PCs leaving the scene in favour of Chromebooks and Macs holding their position of about 3 500 MacBook Airs. Chromebooks live their lives in thir parallell universe and until now Macs have been unmanaged and installed/reinstalled using monolithic images on USB drives.
However, with High Sierra and APFS support for monolithic images was removed and Apple has made clear that enterprise use of Macs should be handled with DEP and an EMM system supporting Mac OSX.
So, my question here is: can we anticipate support for Mac DEP device enrollment into ZCM in 2017 update 3 (...which is due when?)? This question gets critical by August 2018 when about 1 000 new Macs will arrive. By then we will have to have some solution in place for applying settings and installing software on them. We hope that solution will be ZCM 2017 update 3....