Hello, we are trying to set up pxe boot options for our MDT in Zenworks and I'm having troubles figuring out how we get the deployment wizard to popup instead of just the standard winpe environment. I expected to see the MDT Deployment Wizard popup but what I get is a command prompt loading wpeinit then zenworktodo.exe where it prompts for imaging type: WIM or GHOST. I've tried selecting all the options including query for work and it says there is no third Party imaging work assigned.

So far I have gone in and created a preboot bundle using my 64bit Litetouch.wim file that MDT supplies you with your deployment, it's been fully updated and the current version. I've uploaded the 64 bit winpe and imagex files into the 3rd party imaging options under preboot services (Configuration, Device Management).

We can pxe boot and I get the Zenworks preboot deployment Services Menu to come up in which I select WinPE Maintenance Mode. It then boots to the winpe.wim file but it's the one that comes with the ADK and MDT doesn't get offered in any way. Maybe I'm misunderstanding how you access a MDT created image but that is where I'm at.. Very new to this but am stubborn enough to eventually figure it out just hoping someone can give me some insight on all this. I'm still at a loss somewhat on how it's going to find all the files it needs on my machine. I have given EVERYONE read/write access on my deployment share though so there should be the info included in my custom wim somewhere that will point my machines in the right direction.

Thanks for any help with this. Really wanting to figure this out cause we are so close!