In my organization, we run ZENworks 11.4.3, with the March 2018 imaging-driver update installed. I am attempting to restore a known-good Windows 10 image to a Dell Optiplex 7020, which has an Intel I217-LM network device, with PCI ID 8086:153a.

When I boot this computer to the ZENboot imaging environment, I find that the computer does not get an IP address by DHCP. The computer does load a network driver for the network device; it comes up as 'em1', and shows an IPv6 address (although IPv6 ping attempts, in both directions, give "destination host unreachable" type of errors), but no IPv4 address. Attempting to get one by hand - whether with dhcpcd, wicked, or static IP-address registration (advertised to the DHCP server with dhcpcd again) - either times out with no result, or hangs seemingly forever.

In the past, when I encountered an issue like this, I would have no hesitation in building a custom ZENboot imaging ISO with an updated, hand-built Linux kernel drawn directly from the latest source release, including updated network drivers; this almost always fixed the problem. (Indeed, I have custom ISOs built from ZENworks 11.3.2 still around, with kernel versions which I believe are more up-to-date than the one in the 11.4.3 March imaging-driver update, which work just fine on this model.)

However, since successful Windows 10 imaging seems to require the TNTFS filesystem driver module, and the module version has to (more-or-less-)exactly match the kernel version, and the only TNTFS versions I have access to are the ones built (it would seem) explicitly for usage with the stock ZENworks imaging release kernels, I can't use that approach anymore.

This seems to leave me with only local imaging (e.g., copying the ZMG file to a USB drive, then restoring from that) in order to image these computers. That's a viable workaround, but not really a proper solution.

What options are available to me to move towards getting network and Win10 image restore (probably via tntfs.ko) functioning simultaneously on these computers?