I have one ZCM 11 server/internal Sybase db (no secondary servers) on an IP address on Windows 2008. I built up a Windows Server 2012 server with ZCM 2017 server/external SQL Server (no secondary servers) on a different IP address. ZCM 2017 server works great, and I even did the subscribe/share to get all the bundles transferred over.

However...I have 10,000 workstations connecting to ZCM, and we use it heavily for the NAL window; all our devices (Windows) have the ZEN agent 11.x installed. I want to upgrade to ZCM 2017 with the least amount of disruption, and without having to go around to run something on all 10,000 devices (and many are off and won't be turned on until a week before school starts). Additionally, we have a large Cisco network so for imaging purposes I added an iphelper line to my switches for the ZCM 11 server IP address. But I think f I just change my router's iphelper line to the new ZCM 2017 IP address when I cut over, PXE communication should switch over to the new ZCM 2017 server.

I'm looking for advice on best next step for switching over from my ZCM 11 server to ZCM 2017, with the least amount of work to do on workstations.

Is it just a matter of doing a zac reg to the new server's IP/FQDN, and pushing that command via GPO on login?