I'm trying to get third party preboot script to run but i can't find any information on how to enable WinPE Auto mode that's mentioned in the documentation.
i can only seem to boot into winpe maintenance mode.

"In WinPE Maintenance mode: On querying for work from the Novell ZENworks Third-Party
Imaging utility, the script is downloaded with the WinScript<file number>.<ext> file name, where
ext is the type of the script. You need to execute this script in the command prompt.

In WinPE Auto mode: The script is downloaded and executed."


page 220

these are the options in my EUFI pxemenu file

MenuTitle = ZENworks Preboot Options
option = "execute;Start ZENworks Imaging;ZENworks Imaging in Automated Mode;efi/x86_64/bootx64.efi;efi/x86_64/z_auto.conf"
option = "execute;Start ZENworks Imaging Maintenance;ZENworks Imaging Linux Session in Interactive Mode;efi/x86_64/bootx64.efi;efi/x86_64/z_maint.conf"
option = "execute;WinPE Maintenance Mode;Launch WADK WinPE environment;efi/x86_64/bootmgfw.efi;efi/x86_64/winpe.conf"
option = "execute;Disable ZENworks Partition;Disable Existing ZENworks partition;efi/x86_64/bootx64.efi;efi/x86_64/z_zpdis.conf"
option = "execute;Enable ZENworks Partition;Re-enable Existing ZENworks partition;efi/x86_64/bootx64.efi;efi/x86_64/z_zpen.conf"
option = "execute;Start DELL DTK;DELL DTK Task in Automated Mode;efi/x86_64/bootx64.efi;efi/x86_64/dell-dtk.conf"
option = "execute;Start DELL DTK Maintenance;DELL DTK Task in Interactive Mode;efi/x86_64/bootx64.efi;efi/x86_64/dell-dtk_maint.conf"
#option = "submenu;Sub Menu Options >>;Submenu example with more options1;SUBMenu"
option = "exit;Exit;Boot to local hard drive"