In all browsers the submit button is grayed out while doing tid

How to solve this?

How to rebuild a user's quickfinder index

Follow the steps in documentation to perform a Structural Rebuild of
the User Database.

Rebuild the quickfinder indexes for the user:

Navigate to the POA's HTTP WebConsole (See documentation)
Select the Configuration tab | QuickFinder Indexing
Select Action Options: Update and Compress Indexes
Change the Indexing Level for Normal to Unlimited
Provide the FID for both beginning and ending for the GroupWise
Note: Properties of the user | GroupWise | Account shows the File
ID - a unique three character identification sequence
Then select Submit

Note: See Additional Information below for what to expect in the
verbose POA logs. The following marks completion:
Compressing QuickFinder index: user157.db
QuickFinder indexing thread finished