I've installed the complete IDM + IG suite at a customer but for some reason I cannot add widgets to the idmdash main page.
The rest of the implementation is working as expected, but the widget adding fails without errors in the log files.

Installed components:
- IDM 4.7
- Identity Applications 4.7 with OSP 6.2.1
- Reporting 6.0.1
- IG 3.0.1

All components are configured with SSL and I have followed the steps to integrate IG into the Identity Applications, so in short:
- Configupdate lists the IG options
- Bootstrap user is working fine
- When browsing to idmdash / settings / customization / nav items general it displays the correct IG URL https://igovernance.customer.nl:8543
- Link to IG has been added to 'Applications' and is working fine

IG itself is working fine as well. SSO with OSP is working fine. I am able to load identities, connect to IDMProv for fullfillment and so on. What I am unable to do however, is adding the default IG widgets to idmdash.

The widgets I want to add to the idmdash are the standard IG widgets 'Fullfillment Tasks', 'Review tasks' and 'SOD Violation'.

To do this, I log in as uaadmin click '+Widgets' and select the appropriate IG widget. The widget is visually displayed on the dashboard but with the following error:
'Request failed. Please contact the administrator'

Both catalina.out and osp.log do not provide hints on what's wrong.

Does someone have an explanation and/or suggestion how to debug/fix ?