The environment : ZCM 11.4.2 on SLES 11 sp4 with MS SQL 2014 on Windows Server 2012R2. Single primary server, no satellites.

Getting a strange error during the upgrade right after supplying the Admin account credentials :
GUI error message : "Unable to determine whether this device belongs to the zone".
Console error messages :
ValidateIsFirstPrimaryConfigureAction complete!
Key not found: ConfigValidateDeviceExistenceAction
Incorrect inputs provided. Server : [null], Username : [Administrator], Password : [***], Port : [-1]
ValidateDeviceExistenceConfigureAction complete
Unable to determine whether this device belongs to the zone. Check logs for more details.
This server does not belong to the zone. You need to provide the correct database details.

The install process continues never asking for "correct database details" and looking for all the world like it could succeed.

But it does not succeed and in the end it declares the upgrade a failure. The only additional error, besides the "server does not belong to the zone", is an error recorded in the novell-zenworks-configure.log :
Setting the status of SU for this device to : ERROR

So I figure that that means that if I can solve the "server does not belong to the zone" error I should be able to do a successful upgrade. Unfortunately no amount of Google has helped me find the cause/solution to my zoneless server. How can the one and only ZCM server in the zone no longer be in the zone? Weird. Frustrating.

Any thoughts, ideas, experiences?