GW 8.0.3HP5-118623 Agents and GWIA running on OES 11 SP2 (SLES 11 SP3) in a guest VM.
Soon to migrate to GW 2012 -> 2014 -> GW 2018 on OES 2018 (SLES 12 SP2)

For GWIA, Access Control
We have a serveral Class of Service's, each with multiple users/groups and lots of exeptions.

After a server crash, several users cannot receive emails from an internal device. If the GWIA is stopped and the gwac.db is renamed, GWIA is started - making a new default gwac.db, then the problem users can receive emails but we have lost all access control. Stopped GWIA and put back the gwac.db, now have all the access control but the the problem users cannot receive emails from an internal device.

Tried the GWIA, Access Controls, Database Management, Validate and Recover, this did not help is resolving the issue.

Is there a way to rebuild the gwac.db?

Is there a way to save/export all the Class of Service's with their user/groups and exeptions and then create a new/empty access control db and import the Class of Service's?

How can we verify & fix the problem users in the gwac.db without affecting the current Class of Service's?

Can the problem users be removed from gwac.db so the system will auto put them back?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.