I am after some advice on ZCM 11.4.3 PXE services. We have for a long time been running the PXE server for legacy clients with no issue. DHCP server options where Option 66 (server IP address) and Option 67 (nvlnbp.sys) with Option 60 removed because the ZCM server is on a separate server to the DHCP.

Even with this setup I have been able to UEFI boot and have it load the correct efi bootfile name but last week we replaced our Centre of Network switches from 3COM 5500 to HP 5800 and I can no longer boot UEFI only legacy. The odd thing is I can get UEFI working by adding the option 60 "PXEClient" but breaking Legacy BIOS PXE- ???????.

I do not control the config of the switches as I work in government but more interested in the behaviour of what I can control and that's the ZCM PXE server. Does ZCM 11.4.3 PXE support both UEFI and Legacy PXE boot as I see the Option 67 is now making my UEFI fail - when option 60 is removed again legacy will work correctly as expected but UEFI is failing because it is now trying to load nvlnbp.sys (still head scratching as to why a CON swap over has caused this apart from some global switch setting which I have no control over)

The better question would be how do I make the ZCM PXE server boot both UEFI and Legacy???

Any comment appreciated.