The situation in our office is as follows: we're managing our workstations via ZCM 11 and have no issues updating existing Java installs using the Patch Management tools. However, we'd like to be able to push the Java installer out using ZCM as well, in order to install Java on PCs that do not yet have it. We've noticed that the list of patches available for download includes an installer for the Java Development Kit, but not just the Java Runtime Environment. Using the JDK installer means the JRE update patches will not work for updating later on. So, we have decided to try repackaging the JRE installer available from the Java website into a .msi (it initially comes as an .exe), so we can then put that in a bundle and push it out to our machines when needed.

After reading around a bit, I have noticed that the official documentation for our version of AdminStudio/Repackager does not list .exe files among the types of supported legacy installations. It does mention various iterations of InstallShield, but afaik the JRE installer does not use that. What I would like to know is this: will Repackager work as expected for just capturing the installation of an .exe like this? Or will trying to use Repackager this way mean walking into a bit of a minefield?

Thanks in advance.