Two server tree, one with IDM, the other just a replica.

Two partitions, tree and IDM driverset

IDM server is master for both.
Other server is read/write replica for both.

eDir 9.0.3

Deleted and recreated thousands of roles, resources and group objects) all role/resource actions performed via approved SOAP calls. All operations performed against master.

Suddenly the replication between the two serves is stuck for the driverset partition only. Says -609 which is missing mandatory.

Change Log says there are 4 objects stuck master to replica, driverset itself plus three roles that should have been deleted.

Replica to master has lots more objects.

Im thinking I should just zap the replicas copy of this partition and then re-add it. Will this break anything? Is there maybe a better approach? There are 30k objects under the driverset (mostly roles and resources).

The replica is supposed to just be a dumb copy in case the master goes down. No changes are made directly towards it.