Hi guys,

I'm having trouble with a new batch of Latitude 5490s. The NON UEFI PXE works fine for whatever reason. On the other hand, the UEFI PXE loads up the preboot menu but every linux option errors out to a grub command line. I managed to capture part of the error with a 240fps video.

Here's the error: https://www.dropbox.com/s/n05ggu6vmr...error.png?dl=0

I managed to get the UEFI PXE working by booting to WinPE and cleaning the whole disk with DiskPart. It's a workaround but I'm hoping to get this worked out before I have a boat load of them to image. Here's the disk's dump if that's any use:


This same image (disk layout) isn't a problem on most of our other devices including other newer Dells like an Optiplex 7050.

Any ideas?