We are running into an issue with printer policies. We are trying to assign printer policies by user, expecting that printers assigned to one user will be removed at logoff so that the next user who logs on will either have no printers available or get whatever printers are assigned specifically to them. What we are seeing is that, if a user with no printer policies assigned to them logs on after a user that did have printer policies assigned to them, the new user will have the previous userís assigned printers available to them. If a user has different printer policies assigned to them and logs on after another user that had printer policies assigned, I can see the first userís printers being removed and replaced with the second userís assignments.

We are running a 17.2 zone, however most of our agents are still 11.4.2. I tried updating to the 17.2 agent on one workstation and saw the same behavior. I tried a few different versions of the iPrint client (6.06, 6.12, 6.15) and all behaved the same. I also tried adding RemoveZenPrintersAtLogout set to True in the registry key HKLM\Software\Novell\ZCM as noted in Printer Policy Troubleshooting documentation but it still behaved the same way. It appears to be a Windows 10 thing. I have a Windows 7 computer in the same zone with the 11.4.2 agent, with the same version of the iPrint client, that does appear to remove assigned printers at logoff.

Anybody else run into this?