Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask...

I'm new to Groupwise having been a Microsoft evangelist in a previous career. I am finding my way around groupwise but am trying to increase security by linking user accounts to Active Directory.

I have configured the LDAP Settings by configuring a new directory and New servers that link to AD and this is allowing me to browse the AD structure.

1st Question: If I am associating an existing Groupwise account with an AD account, should I ensure that the Groupwise account Name (id) is the same as the SAMAccountName in AD? My GW account name actually matched up to a different user in AD, so I changed it to match.

Once the account was associated, I didn't want to change the global password settings to use AD as i had only configured one user. So I edited the user, client settings, and removed the password and ticked the option to authenticate against AD.
Now, when opening the client on my workstation, the client connects without prompting for a password which I hope means it is actually using AD to connect.

The problem I now have is that when I try to connect using the WebAcc or IMAP, this now fails. I have checked the logs, and from the information that is in there I can see the authentication attempt but it doesn't tell me why apart from the response "Username/Password is invalid".

2nd Question: Is there a particular format the login has to use when using AD Authentication?

3rd Question: Is there a somewhere I can get more logging information for the login process?