Using IG 3.0 SP1 on Windows 2012R2.

This is a continuation of the thread "Collection not completing 3.0 SP1".


1) I had a CSV application collector called "Exchange" which created a
bunch of permissions in IG.
2) During troubleshooting I deleted the "Exchange" collector.
3) I re-imported the same collector from a JSON export and named it
"Exchange Shared"
4) After running a collection/publication using the "Exchange Shared"
collector I now have duplicate permissions in the catalog.

When I look under Applications I only have the "Exchange Shared"

If I go to Permissions and select the application column in display
options I can see the old "Exchange" name next to a permission and then
I have another permission with the same name belonging to "Exchange Shared".

How can I remove the permissions belonging to the non-existing
application collector?


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