Hi all:

I have been fighting the installation of Migrate all morning and have not made much progress.

The show stopper I am running into: I can't get migrate to talk-to or validate credentials on the database.

The specific error message: Unable to connect to Microsoft SQL server.

The SQL server (SQL 2016) is on a separate machine. I have SSMS installed on the server I am also trying to install Migrate on. SSMS can connect to that remote SQL server without ANY issue - thus eliminating both SQL server configuration as well as the network as the issue. Just for grins, I tried using FQDN as well as IP address to identify the database - no difference.

I have also tried using SQL Express - both the packaged version that came with the Platespin installer as well as the version downloadable from Microsoft. I can connect to that instance with SSMS no problem but not with the Platespin Installer.

What on Earth can I possibly be missing here?