This sounds dumb. CSV Account collector. (IDG 3.01 on Red Hat, MS SQL
2016 SP1 DB).

File is chown novlua:novlua and then I even chmod 777 the file, just in


[SEVERE] 2018-08-17 10:37:55
com.netiq.iac.persistence.dcs.dce.thread.TestDataC ollectionServiceThread
call - [IG-DTP] Encountered unexpected error: Failed in collecting data
from DaaS -Error Response: Command failure: Type: find+chunked:
[Non-DaaS exception: [
/home/gcarman/data.csv (Permission denied)]]

What permissions does the CSV collector need? Other than moving it out
of my home dir and into somewhere specific (Not mentioned in the docs at
all) which seems unlikely, not sure how much more permissions I can give it.

Restarting Tomcat seems like an unnecessary step, especially if every
week you wanted a new file and it took a restart to notice the file changed.

ls shows:

-rwxrwxrwx. 1 novlua novlua 114406 Aug 17 10:25 data.csv