I want to use the database purge tool, it needs the iac oauth secret.

I thought I knew it, fails. Ok change it to be sure, still fails.

So did I set it correctly?

configutil.sh -password blah

Using the X windows interface on Authentication Server details, there is
the iac Client and password, set, save, restart Tomcat.

Still not working. No specials in the password, letters and numbers.

I feel like there should be an 'other side' to set the secret in.

Configutil writes to the DB. OSP (and configupdate.sh) do not have a
space for this secret. So not in ism-configuration.properties.

I recall there was another side in the User App days. OSP had to know a
password, and the web app had to know a password.

BUt in this case, OSP looks at the DB I think to get the config info
(Instead of the User App driver objects Appconfig.configuration object
as in IDM APps).

Am I forgetting something?