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Thread: MDT + PXE Runs twice

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    MDT + PXE Runs twice

    Hi there,

    I'm currently automating MDT with the new ZENworks 2017 U3 and it is working almost perfectly.
    (Great addition the support for variables on Bootstrap.ini and Customsettings.ini )

    Now I'm facing the following problem. I boot a new computer under MDT with PXE, and it installs the OS under WinPE (the first phase of MDT; before booting the new OS).
    But then, after reboot, ZENworks PXE kicks in and runs again the MDT. It does not boot the hard disk as expected.
    Strangely, if I click "ctrl+alt+del" when MDT PXE starts loading (effectively preventing it from even starting), the next time ZENworks PXE will no longer run MDT and boot the hard disk.

    I've made the change to ZTIDiskPart.wsf to keep the ZISD image, and I can see that before the WinPE reboot the ZISD shows JustImaged.

    Any idea what can be the problem?

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