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Thread: Printer can be installed only as admin user on windows 10 ?

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    Printer can be installed only as admin user on windows 10 ?

    We have a problem installing printers on Windows 10 (error 10060) if we try to install printer as normal user.

    I narrowed problem to communication problem on iprint client's side. Tried to install (or even only communicate with server) using iprntcmd commnad line.

    As user who is member of domain admins, normal comand prompt :
    iprntcmd -v print.domain.com

    Could not get Version information for server print.domain.com
    Winsock 10060 - connection has timed out

    As the same user, elevated (run as admin) command prompt:
    iprntcmd -v print.domain.com

    Version information for server print.domain.com.
    system: Linux
    release: 3.0.101-108.68-default
    version: #1 SMP Mon Aug 13 18:53:23 UTC 2018 (ef94234)
    machine: x86_64
    node: server-name
    domain name:
    iPrint server version: 3.0.2
    iPrint authentication: LDAP_DN (contextless or LDAP typed name with context)
    Example user: user or CN=user,OU=provo,O=novell

    telnet to 631 CONNECTS!!! in both cases, so it is not port blocked ...

    iPrint client is 6.15

    Any idea anyone ?
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