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Thread: z_maint.cfg or z_maint64.cfg

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    z_maint.cfg or z_maint64.cfg


    What is the requirements for a machine what boot on PXE and load the z_maint.cfg (or z_auto.cfg) or z_maint64.cfg (or z_auto64.cfg) configuration files?
    How can I control when which cfg use?

    There are 2 tntfs.ko for x86 and x64.
    I use a VMware virtual machine for a base image. It loads the z_maint.cfg when boot (and make the img with tntfs.ko for x86).
    I try to restore this image on a physical machine, but it loads the z_maint64.cfg.
    Under the restore process have an error that the imaging not use the correct tuxera driver.

    It is correct that the image created with tuxera for x86, but when tried to restore it used tuxera for x64?

    The environment:
    ZCM 2017 Update 2 and Imaging Driver March 2018

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