We have just upgraded from GW14.2 to GW18.0.2.

So far we have updated the POA/MTA/GWIA along with the WebAccess server.

The main server is running 12GB RAM, 2 vCPU's and plenty of disk storage and we have around 250-300 users (not all active at the same time)

Under GW14 the server ran fine, however after the upgrade we have noticed much higher CPU performance. About an hour after the update, the CPU performance reduced to about a steady 10% (Normally 5% under GW14 overnight) but then this morning users started to report issues with slow performance.

When we changed the server The POA, System & Java processes were taking the CPU to 100%. Eventually, killing the Java process reduced the CPU from 100% and the server started to average around 50%-70% with the POA process being a common high user. Stopping the Java process stopped access to the GW Admin console however, when we restarted the GW Admin service, Java did not bring the CPU high again and access to the console was fine.

Whilst the CPU is now ticking at an average of 50-70% with occasional 100% moments, this level is about double what we saw previously under GW14 and the GW Client occasionally feels a little slow.

Are there any reported issues with GW18 that could be linked to this issue? Are there any recommendations to reduce the CPU utilisation of the POA (other than adding more vCPU's)?