while installing my first appliance (which will replace my SLES-based Primaries) I found no way to create a separate partition for /var. The documentations mentions this: "If you have created hard disk partitions (/vastorage and /var), ZENworks Appliance provides tools that allow you to expand the storage space for the /vastorage and /var partitions." - but it does not tell how to create the partition for /var (or I did not find it). Since the documentation mentions it, I think it must be possible...

Does it make sense to put /var on separate partition? content-repo seems to be on /vastorage, so my main concern is having the embedded Database on the root partition. Probably it makes more sense to put the database on its own partition and leave /var on root? I have done so on my SLES-based Primary. Is this supported for the appliance?