Hi Everyone.

I have configured the Identity Manager AE Permission Collector - Template Version 3.0.0 but when I publish the collector in catalina.date.log It's shows following error

16169329:[ERROR] 2018-09-07 22:31:10 org.hibernate.engine.jdbc.spi.SqlExceptionHelper logExceptions - ERROR: null value in column "application" violates not-null constraint
16169493- Detail: Failing row contains (null, t, t, cn=ActivityGroup,cn=MID-SAPCUA,cn=driverset1,o=system+AETCLNT300, null, null, f, Purchasing Contract Fact Sheet, null, cn=MID-SAPCUA,cn=driverset1,o=system, f, t, f, AETCLNT300, f, SAP_MM_PURCHASING_CONTRACT_APP, null, {"ID":"SAP_MM_PURCHASING_CONTRACT_APP","LIID":"AETCLNT300","_FRO..., null, null, SAP_MM_PURCHASING_CONTRACT_APP, null, f, null, BoundEntitlement, 44ba4e5c-d6ad-33df-a713-b1d915a919cb, a8dc99a5-ccb9-3631-9530-a061c72b5358, {"ID":"SAP_MM_PURCHASING_CONTRACT_APP","LIID":"AETCLNT300","_FRO..., null, null, 5, 57736, 68, 57736, 26, f, null, t, null, null, null, 57736).

This error appears when I Enabled the Activity Group Entitlement of SAP, before that I only Enabled the User Account Entitlement and I saw the SAP Aplication with reference MID-SAPCUA(AESCLNT300) and the publish it's was worked fine

My driver configuration is with SAP User CUA Central Client (AETCLNT300) and I have the SAP CUA child (AESCLNT300)

Is that posible have the one driver of SAP with SAP Central and Child Map on Identity Governance?

Version of products

ID Gov 3.0.1
Identity Manager 4.6.3

Any suggestion to solved this error?

Thanks in advanced