First of all, I am hoping that this post is not a duplicate of another one, I looked through several but did not see one addressing my issue.

I am attempting to install ZENworks 2017 Update 3 on my server. I first attempted to install the update via the "System Updates" page in Configuration. Unfortunately, after downloading, authorizing, and deploying it to my only primary server, it would never go past the "Pending" stage shown (Deploying System Udpates section) and "Deploying" green dot stage (Available Systems Udpates section). I left this running for 48 hours with no success. I then followed the steps provided by this TID

Some of the other steps I had attempted included reboot of the server, using df to determine HD space (20%) still free on the main partion as well as issue zac cc, zac zeus-ref and zac ref general bypasscache. None of the commands and reboots made any difference.