I'm trying to invoke the REST API in order to find Business Roles by they membership expressions. For example, I want to find all the Business Roles that Title matches 'Microfocus Certified Identity Manager Administrator'.

I've tried calling the API ".../api/policy/brole" with no success with several request, this is one example of my request:

"criteria":[{"operator":"AND","childCriteria":[{"attributeKey":"jobTitle","operator":"MATCHES","v alues":["Microfocus Certified Identity Manager Administrator"]}]}]

Is this posible with the existing API? If yes, does anyone can help me with the correct JSON (request body) syntax?

I know that calling the business role with the given ID".../api/policy/brole/xxx" I can get what I want, but I want to avoid iterating through all the existing Business Roles in IG