Hello Everyone,

I have a problem with 1 pc of the 60+
and the problem is that the policy that works on every other workstation
doesnt work on this pc and this pc has everything the same
This is the log that i found.
Sorry for my English.

[DEBUG] [09/25/2018 13:32:59.192] [1716] [ZenworksWindowsService] [11] [] [Status Library] [] [SetStatus: sql= insert into zstatus(timestamp, userguid, objectguid, source, objecttype, operationtype, operationstatus, successcount, failurecount, objectversion, objectname, objectsubtype, messageid, messageparams ) values ( 636734719791921663,'','b13db5f2a7835210d1d7a3686c5 2961f',1,'P','Policy.Apply','F',1311,359,4,'Copy of Copy of Default Policy MGE','grouppolicy','POLICYHANDLERS.WinGPPolicy.Enf orceError','Copy of Copy of Default Policy MGE(4)')] [] [] [] [ZENworks Agent]

I hope someone that knows what the problem may be.