In Oscar and Todds webinar-session about MDT in june they showed among many other things how to start upp en MDT session from the pxemenu.
Creating an MDT Bundle creates directory in /vastorage/srv/tftp/mdt.
Example of start-row in legacy bios would be:
option = execute ; "Install Win10 via MDT"; "Install new Windows 10 64bit via MDT" ; pxelinux.0 ; mdt/82d919552a76f39307ae7ad5991bd141/x64/winpe.cfg
Works perfect.
Question 1.
Altough there are no winpe.cfg in that directory, it works fine. Changing to something else will not work. So what is the secret with with that row/winpe.cfg? Where is it?
Question 2.
Oscar and Todd points out the other pxemenu.txt, for UEFI, and says that this of course needs to be modified aswell.
But no example is shown.
Syntax in UEFI version of pxemenu.txt is different for UEFI than for Legacy.
Tested some variants, but cant get it to start.
Can somone please post an example.