Hi guys,

I know, I know, I'm probably the only one still on ZCM 11 sp4 and it's no longer supported. Too much stuff on our plates...

I'm trying to use Hardware Rules to force some Skylake based Latittude 5480s to image Windows 7 and Kaby lake ones to image Windows 10.

When booted from UEFI PXE, the "CPU Chipset" value in IMG detected hardware is too generic: "Intel(R) Corporation 1700Mhz" to differentiate CPU generations. When legacy booted, it shows a more appropriate "CPU Chipset" value but that's not what I need.

I've decided to use the "Video Adapter" value as a filter because I can identify the CPU generation from there: ex. "Intel Corporation Unknown device 0x5917". I can use part of the device ID to filter Kaby lakes (0x59??) and Coffee lake (0x3E??)

This Hardware rule works and knows there's work to do if I manually boot and choose "Zenworks Imaging" from the preboot menu, with "img -a" or if go into IMG and press "F9". Unfortunately, it doesn't find work to do if I just let the PXE do it's thing without a manual interruption.

When troubleshooting, a filter with "IP address" or "Bios Serial Number" works fine.

Is this intended behavior? Is this an undocumented limitation? Did I just miss that part somewhere?

I'm on the March img engine patch. I will update to August next week. I've tried to update the Bios on the 5490 I'm testing on for good measure.

Any ideas?