Hi Everyone,

Let Say, I have configured PAM Backup Server by using below:

Primary PAM Manager:

IP :
Hostname : ppam

Backup PAM Manager:

IP :
Hostname : bpam

I have installed PAM manager on a server
registered that PAM Manager(bpam) to primary PAM Manager(ppam) with command unifid regclnt register

1) Once we have configured backup PAM server then, all the data of primary PAM like configs including videos of all sessions etc will continuously be replicated to Backup PAM(bpam)?
I mean we need same storage requirement in Backup PAM as in Primary PAM?

Now let me know what will PAM do If disaster happens I mean if my primary PAM manager goes down(because of RAM was problematic):

2) once my primary PAM is down then backup PAM manger will take charge automatically ? we don't need to do any thing?
3) after the disaster, users will continue access /myaccess(/pam) page using the same IP/hostname of Primary PAM manager or they would use IP/hostname of backup PAM Manager?
4) After resolving physical hardware issue(i.e. old RAM replaced with new one) of Primary PAM Manager(pman) then booted, will it automatically take charge of primary Manager, I mean will it accept requests or backup pam manager(bpam) will accept requests?