I have 4 instances of OES 2018, 2 are upgrades and to are new installs. The Samba install on all four is not working. I have a SR open for the upgrades awaiting back-line engineering and the developers to try and come up with a fix, but the problem is present on new installs as well.

Immediately after the install when checking the the status of SMB I see:

[2018/10/08 13:59:47.504206, 0] lib/smbldap.c:1180(smbldap_connect_system) ldap_connect_system: Failed to retrieve password from secrets.tdb
[2018/10/08 13:59:48.504391, 0] passdb/secrets.c:350(fetch_ldap_pw) fetch_ldap_pw: neither ldap secret retrieved!

When I check the status of NMB I see:

2018-10-08T13:42:19.877670-06:00 nFS04 systemd[1]: Starting LSB: Samba NetBIOS naming service over IP...
2018-10-08T13:42:19.883929-06:00 nFS04 nmb[11663]: Samba NMB daemon, /usr/sbin/nmbd is not installed. ..skipped
2018-10-08T13:42:19.884159-06:00 nFS04 systemd[1]: nmb.service: Control process exited, code=exited status=5
2018-10-08T13:42:19.884337-06:00 nFS04 systemd[1]: Failed to start LSB: Samba NetBIOS naming service over IP.
2018-10-08T13:42:19.884448-06:00 nFS04 systemd[1]: nmb.service: Unit entered failed state.
2018-10-08T13:42:19.884542-06:00 nFS04 systemd[1]: nmb.service: Failed with result 'exit-code'.

The problem I can easily see is the symlink in /usr/sbin was not placed there by the installation.

Manually placing the symlink allows "nmbd" to start but the "smbd" LDAP problem remains and I wonder what else is broken in the install (and how to fix it).

I have a hard time thinking I am the only person to see this?