Hi, RunningZCM 2017.3, and have just applied the ZCM 2018 U3 Sept 8 driver update to try and resolve some HP Prodesk Mini imaging issues (have an SR opened for it).

So did the update....and..

Get an error when booting PXE.
1. Select UEFI IPV4 Boot
2. Hold down shift and Enter to get to the Zenworks Preboot Services Menu
3. Start Zenwork Imaging Maintenance
4. Comes up with Loading Grub then ‘LoadImage Error Status: Not Found’
5. Returns to 1.
I have checked the share/tftp/efi/x86_64 and all the file seem to be there with the correct dates.

The only issue I found was that the initial boot in the proxydhcp.conf was set to load X64NBP= efi/x86_64/nvlnbpx64.efi, but the file in the directory is X64NBP= efi/x86_64/nvlpxex64.efi. They were both there, so I just changed them rem statement. See the below from novell-proxydhcp.conf as it is currently.

#X64NBP is the name of the boot file this service will suggest for all x86_64 UEFI computers.
#X64NBP= efi/x86_64/nvlnbpx64.efi
X64NBP= efi/x86_64/nvlpxex64.efi

Last entry in the TFTP log.
[DEBUG] [10/11/2018 15:21:06.000] [2776] [zmgtool] [5268] [] [zmgtool] [] [Using port 64468 for client] [] [] [] [Imaging]
[DEBUG] [10/11/2018 15:21:06.000] [2776] [zmgtool] [6736] [] [zmgtool] [] [Read request from for efi\x86_64\bootx64.efi] [] [] [] [Imaging]
[DEBUG] [10/11/2018 15:21:06.000] [2776] [zmgtool] [6736] [] [zmgtool] [] [File sent to --> efi\x86_64\bootx64.efi] [] [] [] [Imaging]
[DEBUG] [10/11/2018 15:21:06.000] [2776] [zmgtool] [6736] [] [zmgtool] [] [Closing port 64468 used by client] [] [] [] [Imaging]

I’m guessing it a configuration thing but not sure where.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. This has been sent on the SR as well, but the time differences don't help (I'm in Australia), so hoping someone here might have a quick fix for me...

Mark Currie