Based on the documentation it gives an example of Install Scenarios, wondering if anybody would have some additional insight

see page 35 of

Question 1
case 4 talks about server 1 being only an OSP server. As OSP from IDM can't be used with the Identity Governance, wondering what type of load the server would be having to isolate it on its own and cluster it. OSP documentation is scarce, to be nice... But wondering if anybody has any idea of how many users would need to be hitting a box for authentication for it to be isolated.

Question 2
I didn't notice if Identity Reporting could use the same server as what is being used for Identity Manager. If you can use the same one, any ideas on where you would isolate the Reporting server with Identity Manager and Identity Governance? And at what point would you look at having Reporting on the IGA server and when to have it isolated?

Question 3
Database Sever is always alone, which makes complete sense. Postgres traditionally has been referenced for dev and test, but many products in the past have been scarce to use it in production. Any concerns with using it in production and if not, any insights on when you shouldn't use it for a given size of an organization?

A few customers I have recently worked with have been very hesitant to add servers. Rather than three Identity Vault eDir boxes, many push for two servers and so on, to keep costs down. I realize bench marks probably wouldn't be published, but wondering if there can be insight on when it would be okay to install on the same server and when not to.