I am probably missing something obvious.

We are running iPrint appliance (most appliances currently at 3.1.1, some at 3.2.0) and currently using it mostly for Chromebooks and iPads. We are setting up WalkUp printers, intending for users to send their jobs to those and release them by logging in to the Release Portal.

Is there a way to hide printers on the iPrint Portal page that are included as part of a WalkUp printer? The concern we have is that users will just bypass the WalkUp printer by installing a printer instead to avoid logging in to the Release Portal and releasing their job.

I can make the printers not “Visible to all users”, but since the user has to log in to the iPrint Portal page to use the WalkUp printer, those printers will also become visible once they’re logged in. Is there a way to make those printers invisible even to authenticated users, but still have them available to apply to a WalkUp printer?