with our new infrastucture we have two problems:

1. We want to use linked clones for home office and later standard clients. The special thing here is that all the standard software is either in some kind of base image or deployed via virtual application. So you only need one installation of a software (and only one times the storage) instead of install the software on every client. We want to add those virtual machines to the ZCM because with that we can install department and user specific software on the virtual machines. But now we have the problem that the ZEN tries to install all standard bundles (which already included in the base image). So is there a way to exclude certain client types without editing every bundle?
I thought about using the Agent to install those software in the golden image but I have red that installing the agent before sysprep can cause errors...

2. For reasons only our firewall admins can tell (or not) is our ZCM reachable from certain networks where the client can't get access to our fileservers and loginservers. So we have the problem that clients get the updated bundles but then try to install them and failed with them. So is there a smart way to tell the ZEN that he only should take deployment actions when in a certain networt or when he can reach certain servers (without throwing errors when not or touch every bundle)?

Maybe you can help me with that?