Since updating from GW18.01 to 18.02 at one client, we're seeing regular
issues with indexing / gwdva.

After a short while, we see gwdva monopolizing the CPUs on the server
(OES2015 fully patched) until the server becomes so sluggish users can't
even login to GW anymore when QF runs.

When that happens, GWDVA can't be stopped either, nor can the whole of
groupwise. It says it's stopped, but gwdva threads are still running and
won't stop on their own. Also, the only way to kill the gwdva threads
when that happens is to forcefully kill -9 them, a normal "kill" won't
stop them.

Attempts to lower the number of threads for gwdva and also lower the
conversion timeouts to as low as 10 seconds have been futile.
Interestingly, even with the threads set to a max of 2, after a while
there are three or more gwdva processes runing, each monopolizing one
CPU at 100% and never dropping again.

We plan to update to 18.1 soon, but there's something wrong here.

Massimo Rosen
Micro Focus Knowledge Partner
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