Customer using ZCM2017 Update 3 on Windows 2012 and 2016 servers.
Now setting up MDT on separate Windows 2016 server.
Need to upload things to ZCM from MDT-server (WinPE, Litetouch-wim:s and so on).
Using IE om MDT server to login to ZCC.
Downloaded and install zcc-helper.
Always get "Unable to detect ZCC Helper on this device".
Installed latest Java.
Same problem.
Using full name "". Same.
Installed Firefox on MDT server. Same.
Running IE as administrator. Same.
On workstations, zcc-helper works fine for all things.
Problem is that I cannot upload WinPE and those things if I dont have ADK installed on the machine I upload from, and that is the MDT-server.
Main problem, helper wont work on my Win2016-server.
I have it working in my lab-environment (MDT on Win2016, but here ZCM on VA).