Have been setting up solutions for running MDT together with ZCM2017.
Until now with Virtual Appliance.
Following the webinars from Todd and Oscar this summer.
Works perfectly fine.
Using PXEMENU to start up image process, pointing for example to (BIOS):
option = execute ; "Install Win 10 via MDT"; "Windows 10 MDT" ; pxelinux.0 ; mdt/894595dd1c7ac57e7494a0e9aa608359/x64/winpe.cfg
option = "execute;Install Win 10 x64 UEFI MDT ;Install Windows 10;mdt/894595dd1c7ac57e7494a0e9aa608359/x64/boot/bootmgfw.efi;efi/x86_64/winpe.conf"
All as stated in severel places in the forums and on the webinar.
And that place on the VA is the normal TFTP-directory, "/vastorage/srv/tftp/mdt".
Now setting this up at a customer that has all on Windows, when creating the MDT Bundle, there is noting coming up under ./mdt in tftp directory:
"E:\Program Files (x86)\Novell\ZENworks\share\tftp\mdt"
It is empty.
So where does it go? And how to configure the PXEMENU on a Windows Primary.
When searching for files that normally is in that directory I find them in another place:
"E:\Program Files (x86)\Novell\ZENworks\share\tomcat\temp\imaging\md t_2a16da5f1aceafb8dab01620a60eb077"
So, why here and not on tftp/mdt -dir?
And how to configure PXEMENU.TXT to point to that dir?