I have some issues starting up the IGA 3.0.
The setup I have is like this: I have installed an IDV server (eDirectory+iManager+IdentityApps) on a VM and IGA (Tomcat+Postgres+OSP+IGA) on another VM using the standard options, nothing fancy.
They are in the same LAN and communicate easily between them.

When I try to access the IGA interface, for a split second I can see the top of the app (colored bue) and than Firefox goes saying unable to connect.
The link used in Firefox is http://<hostname>:8080/#/nav

As I have analized the logs, I can see in the osp log an error like this:

Preamble: [Tenant]
Priority Level: SEVERE
Java: internal.atlaslite.jcce.util.StackUtil.logThrowabl e() [86] thread=osp-common-thread-1
Time: 2018-11-08T18:44:50.473+0200
Log Data: Unexpected error probing container TLS:
Connection refused (Connection refused)
java.net.PlainSocketImpl: PlainSocketImpl.java: socketConnect: -2
Any idea why this happens?
The catalina.out does not show anything special.