Wonder if this is the correct forum (could post in a NAM group as well, but crossposting is very impolite, I might do it, if someone tells me that the NAM forums is a better place to post this).

Ok, the issue is, that I configured access manager to proxy groupwise 2018 webaccess and authenticate with identity injection.
The method is described here https://support.microfocus.com/kb/doc.php?id=7022808

I works, no doubt, authentication is both fast and efficient.

The issue is, that when the machine is left idle for a short amount of time (1 minute or so), the session times out.
That means that for example refreshing the mailbox, by clicking the "Search for new mail" arrow (to the left of the wastebin), results in nothing, except that the refresh "hangs", effectively, I have been logged out, and I do not get a new authentication screen, unless I go to https://server/gw again.

Writing a new mail in this state, results in an authentication screen.

Something very peculiar is, that I am also being logged out of all other sites where I have been authenticated via NAM.

When I disable NAM authentication to groupwise, things goes back to working again (both webaccess, and nam authentication timeouts works as they normally do)

Can anyone tell how to correctly configure NAM 4.4.x to proxy groupwise including authentication, in a way where the session is not terminated in a user "unfriendly" way?