we do a migration to new Primary Server Appliances and created a new Satellite Server on a Cloud Hoster.
The Old Servers are SZCM3 and SZCM4 and running on SLES 11 SP3.
Two Appliances in the Internal Network named zcm1 and zcm2.
One Appliance in the DMZ named zcm-dmz1 that is reachable from the Internet.
A Opensuse 15 Server zcm-sat1 running on a Public Cloud Infrastructure as Content Satellite.
I have created a small diagram attached as zcm-network.jpeg

On the ZCC I have 240 000 Errors at the zcm-sat1.
All say "Failed to replicate content 2b9aec357a308174b2e4888044af30f7" but with different GUID's.
With zac cdi ss i get:
Synchronization Status
Default: 363 file(s) remaining
4,669 of 5,032 files synchronized (92%)
I have no Idea what the missing Content could be.
I have tried to get the Info about the GUID's with "zman ogp 2b9aec357a308174b2e4888044af30f7"
But it get the Message "Error:Could not find the object "2b9aec357a308174b2e4888044af30f7"." on both Server the new zcm1 and the old szcm3.