I was given a CSV of a bunch of users and I need to make GroupWise users for them. Since there is no native import functionality, I am automating it with a Python app using an old CoolSolutions post as a jumping off point.

The issue I've hit is that if I call to list users so I can scan for duplicates, it only returns the first 1,000 users in the system. I have that nextId in the results I can use (I believe) to continue another call to keep building the list, except I don't know how to format that. In the documentation there is a gwadmin-service/list/{type}/{base} - which I assumed was a search base or continue base or something of the like (it's not documented at all as to what it does) but I have found all kinds of new and creative ways to get 400 BAD_REQUEST errors, but not so much with getting all my users.

Unfortunately I have limited Python experience and none with the GroupWise APIs so I'm pretty much just slapping things together and seeing what errors I get.