I'm new to GroupWise development and my first try is to create a C3PO that adds a button to the mail-creation window.
I created a C3PO, handling the toolbar, I selected GW.Message.Mail and added a new toolbar button. As Code, I selected .NET and VB and also created an exe.
Without changing something, I registered the C3PO for GroupWise, because I wanted to see where the button appears before I implement any functionality.
But it doesn't appear.

I guess the registration worked (or.. did at least something) , because since I did it, GroupWise is having problems (When I want to open a new mail, close it and then try to open a new mail again, nothing happens. This didn't occur before).
To register it, I added my exe to my C:\Program Files (x86)\Novell\GroupWise folder and then called RegAsm.exe with my exe as file.

Of course I already searched for solutions to my problem, but most answers are about a wrong icon... and as I didn't change anything, the bitmap for the button is still the default icons.dll. I expect there's no problem with the default icon? :D

Hope you can help me!