I'm trying to create my first Windows 10 UEFI base image. If I take the
image of all the hard drive, everything works fine. If I try to create an
image for each partition and restore these partitions on a different hard
drive and add add-on images, it doesn't work.

Can someone help me with this ?

Here's my script:

#Create Partitions
img -pd -all
img -pc 1 -type=NTFS -size=500 -guid=WRE
img -pc 2 -type=FAT32 -size=100 -guid=ESP
img -pc 3 -type=NTFS -size=128 -guid=MRP
img -pc 4 -type=NTFS -guid=MBD
#Restore Images
img -rp UEFI/RESTORE_1.zmg -ap=a11
img -rp UEFI/SYSTEM_2.zmg -ap=a12
img -rp UEFI/MSR_3.zmg -ap=a13
img -rp UEFI/DATA_4 -ap=a14.zmg
img -rp addon-image IMG-DRIVERS-Optiplex7060.zmg -ap=a14
img -rp addon-image IMG-WIN10-UTILITIES.zmg -ap=a14

What am I doing wrong ?