Hi All,

First poster and only 3 months into working with ZCC, specifically Patch Management and Patch Policies so please forgive me if I'm missing something obvious with my question below. Currently running ZCC 2017.3 patching both a WIN7 and WIN10 environment.

I'm taking over patch management which until now, was using manual remediation to patch 1500+ machines on a monthly basis I've done a ton of reading and am actively testing the 'migration' over to using Patch Policies - which seem to work great and I'm seeing positive results!

QUESTION: I am curious how any of you handle SSU/Service Stack Updates as they come out from Microsoft. Since SSUs should be installed prior to any other updates, how do you force that to happen? Do you use a separate remediation bundle? Are Patch Policies automatically configured to install the SSU first?

I couldn't find any helpful documentation on this and I only found two posts mentioning Service Stacks on this site and neither were related specifically to patching.

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!