I am in the process of testing upgrading current SuSE11SP4/OES2015 SP1 server to OES2018/SuSE12SP2. The current servers are virtual servers in a Vmware esxi host version 5.5. According to vmware's compatibility chart, 5.5 support SuSE12, so that shouldn't be the issue. I attached the OES2018 ISO to the virtual machine and boot off of it choosing upgrade. It goes into the process for a bit, but never gets to a point whereas it asks me for anything. Never gets to accepting license and such. It appears like it is doing some things and then I get a mouse spinning whereas it end up with a blank screen and cursor, not blinking. I have tried all three current OES2015 servers and get the same result. I can deploy a new virtual machine using the OES2018 just fine. Has anyone seen this issue with the upgrade process? I saw a similar thread topic on this, but that one appeared to be related to after the process is done and reboot.